WindowChek™ Camera Inspection System

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WindowChek™ Camera Inspection System

  • Product Type:
    • Camera Inspection Systems
    • Quality Inspection Equipment
  • Market Category:
    • Folding Carton

WindowChek™ is designed to locate plastic window covers used in carton packaging to expose part of the product. Missing windows, or issues with its position or condition can result in poorly packaged products, leading to customer dissatisfaction and potential hazards. 

WindowChek takes advantage of the reflective properties of plastic windows by detecting the region where this reflection is present, and then verifying the existence and position of the window. WindowChek then analyzes for defects including folded, torn and wrinkled windows, or contaminants such as scrap, dirt, patch material, etc. that may be trapped between the carton stock and the window.Defects are detected and flagged for rejection. 

Guarantee your customers The Perfect Carton™ with WindowChek.


Product Specifications

  • Detects missing windows, incorrect positioning, folded, torn or wrinkled windows and contaminants trapped between carton stock and window.
  • Runs at speeds of 300m/ min and up to 20 boxes/ sec. 
  • Max field of view and illumination: 120 cm.
  • BoxChek7 interface and platform.
  • Can be used on folder gluers or window patch machines