Automatic Guns


Automatic Adhesive Guns

Adhesive Applicators or Guns house dispensing modules that apply molten hot melt material onto a substrate. An array of dispensing modules can be included in either a single or multi-module configuration. The applicator's body design and the module configuration will vary depending on the specific requirements for each application. Find out more by contacting us today.

Automatic Adhesive Guns


Electric adhesive guns are commonly used for applications that require extremely high cycle counts, such as envelope manufacturing, filter manufacturing or high speed cartoning because of their ability to provide outstanding cut-off at the highest speeds while still placing patterns accurately and without stringing. Electric guns must be fired from a special control or valve driver to operate correctly.

Multi-line | Sift-proof

Our multi-line or sift-proof systems apply multi-bead hot melt patterns on the flaps of a carton to create a barrier seal when filling cartons with powders and other fine-grained materials. Adhesive applicators can be contact or non-contact depending on the machine configuration and box style.

Pneumatic Bead

Automatic bead hot melt guns use compressed air in order to open and close the dispensing module and are controlled by a solenoid valve.

Pneumatic Spray

Pneumatic spray hot melt guns use air open / air close (AO/AC) technology and are controlled by a solenoid valve.  An additional air connection is required for the processed air necessary to generaite the swirl pattern. 

Contact and Non-Contact Coating

Valco Melton offers a wide range of contact and non-contact hot melt applicators for both continuous and high-speed intermittent coatings. Widths vary from narrow slot coatings to wide web coatings of up to 3 meters, including applicators with manual or motorized adjustable width. For clear-to-clear applications, a selection of coating heads with rotating bar technology is available. 

Other | Specialty Guns

Valco Melton manufactures an extensive selection of specialty guns to meet specific gluing requirements at all machine speeds. Available for direct contact or non-contact applications, guns cover every type of pattern: dots, stitch, continuous, fine lines, ribbons, and spray. Some designs can accommodate high fluid pressure and high fluid viscosities. For enhanced production flexibility, an assortment of applicator heads and nozzles can be used.