Adhesive Dispensing Systems for Medical And Surgical Products


Medical and Surgical Product Manufacturing

Because of improvements made toward infection prevention with an increase in disposable surgical and medical products,  non-woven items are fast growing in the Medical and Surgical sector. Although non-wovens are disposable products, the manufacturing processes to create them are rigorous. Quality, often government mandated stipulations are in place. These requirements cover each aspect of the manufacturing process, including adhesive application systems. Valco Melton is specialized in the dispensing of adhesive for the Non-Woven Industry, working with high-level clients across the world to ensure these strict guidelines are met.  Find out more by contacting us today. 

Surgical Product Manufacturing

Release Paper Applications

In Release Paper Applications, equipment is used to apply the positioning adhesive onto the backsheet of the underpad so that the underpad can then be stuck to the bed. The adhesive is usually applied to the silicone release liner/paper that covers the underpad, so it may later be transferred to the backsheet material. Good respiration is necessary, so a good cut-off of the adhesive is important. Because of this, the high speed intermittent slot coat applicator is a common solution. The most common adhesive used for this application is a PSA known as 'Positioning Adhesive' whose main feature is high tack.

Top Tissue and Bottom Tissue

Adhesive is in on medical and surgical materials during the manufacture of top and bottom tissues. These are layers of paper that are placed over and/or under the absorbent pad that help keep the SAP (Super Absorbent Paper) in place, essentially reducing the waste of this material during the entire underpad manufacturing process. These items are commonly glued with spray to reduce adhesive consumption. The typical adhesive used for this application is a PSA that holds a good adhesion ratio, generally known as 'Construction Adhesive.'

Top Sheet Construction

In the adhesive application of Top Sheet Construction, also known as NW Construction or Non-Woven Construction, the top sheet is the inner face of the underpad that makes contact that touches an end-user's skin. The adhesive is applied along the full length of the underpad to bond this layer to the lower layers of the underpad. Breathable adhesive applications, such as a non contact spray, are most often preferred to ensure liquids will effectively fall through the material. A PSA known as 'Construction Adhesive' supports a good adhesion ratio. For this reason, it is the adhesive most generally used.

Back Sheet Construction

Adhesive application is used on medical and surgical materials during Back Sheet Construction, also known as PE Construction. The back sheet is the outer layer of the underpad made of film, normally PE (polyethylene) or a textile laminate designed to keep liquids contained. The adhesive is applied along the outer layer of the full underpad to bond this layer to all upper layers. Typical adhesive used for this application is a PSA known to have a good adhesion ratio called 'Construction Adhesive.'